English Schools in the Famagusta area

english school cyprus

Xenion School

Throughout Cyprus, there are many private English schools offering education to children and young adults from preschool up to university entry-level.

In the Famagusta area, we now have many international students and locals alike who wish to be educated in English and the main school to facilitate these pupils is Xenion.

This school was established some years ago, starting with a high school only. Today it offers education for children of preschool age upwards as full-time students. Xenion plan to offer boarding facilities at their school in the near future. Others who attend mainstream local Greek schools can and do attend afternoon classes in English. There are also many other local institutions offering English lessons as the youth of Famagusta understand the importance of being fluent in this universal language and are keen to learn it. In general, most Cypriots can communicate in English, some better than others, this makes visiting and living in Cyprus much easier for non-Greek speakers.

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