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If you are considering buying a property, or you are looking to invest, you should really read this article. Whether you want to enjoy a holiday or if you have just retired and are seeking for a nice, peaceful place, look no more, Cyprus is definitely the place you are looking for.

Before going into the details of why you should consider investing in Cyprus, let’s first talk about this extraordinary island.

Cyprus, Officially the Republic of Cyprus, is an island country in the eastern Mediterranean Sea south of the Anatolian Peninsula. With a civilization going back thousands of years, an island rich in history and culture and full of wonderful experiences just waiting to be enjoyed.

Cyprus is much more than just a small beautiful country; it is considered one of the best places to live or invest! If it sounds too good to be true, it’s really not! Words cannot even describe the island’s beauty, the calmness, the food and quality of life people living in this country have!

So, here are the top 10 reasons why you should go for it and buy a property in Cyprus:

1. Beautiful Island

First and foremost, Cyprus is an island, and to be fair, one of the most beautiful and graphical places in Europe and probably the world.

With 160 registered beaches which have gained approval by the beach authority and also with a number of blue flag certifications, it clearly stands out and fairly considered a hot and popular holiday destination amongst both the youth and the elderly. It is a place for all tastes.

2. The Sun

The sun shines for approximately 340 days of the year. This is a fact which can be easily cross checked and not an exaggeration.

3. It’s a tourist friendly destination

Cyprus has developed a tourist culture within the years and this makes everything so much easier especially if you just moved here and are trying to adapt to the local lifestyle, you do not need to worry, the locals have already adopted to your cultural needs and differences. Being a British colony not more than 60 years ago, the Cyprus constitution follows the British law and almost 90% of people speak English as a second language to Greek. You will be surprised to see that people drive on the left side of the road and also the electrics are similar to the UK.

4. Entertainment

Cyprus is one of the three countries all over the world where you can snow ski and swim in the same day! This is actually unbelievable and to spice it up even more, it is a just an hour drive from the highest mountain where you can snow ski and then chill under the hot sun at a hot beach spending your time water skiing or swimming.

5. Quality of life

People all over the world work a whole year if not years just to save money and take a weekly holiday. Guess what? You can enjoy a holiday all year long and still keep all the benefits of living in a modern country. Luxury, convenience and beauty all gathered in one small box.

6. Safety

There is little to no crime, vandalism, or pollution. Cyprus is the safest place in the world for countries with populations fewer than 5 million people. And also ranked 5th in the European union for the safest migration destination.

7. Cyprus (European) Passport

You can apply for a Cyprus (European) Passport after just 60 months of residence! The “much wanted” EU passport is easily obtainable if you live in Cyprus for the last 5 years.

8. A growing economy

 Cyprus economy is based mainly on the service sector and has a fairly low corporate tax rate of 12.5% which is one of the lowest in the European Union. This translates to many multinational businesses making Cyprus one of their top picks to base their business. This in effect creates stable development and sustainable growth in an already strong-built economy. There is a continuous flow of businesses choosing Cyprus to relocate their headquarters, which has created a boom in the demand for rent and real estate for those fortunate enough that can afford buying a property. Definitely a great investment opportunity!

9. Easy access to airports

Easy access to most major airports, and on top of that, if you own a Cyprus passport you are automatically granted the benefit of travelling Visa-free to 176 countries or territories.

10. Attractive for investors

Whatever the future holds for the world economy, Cyprus has a tremendous percentage of talented and well-educated personnel. This in hand gives a feeling of hope that even if rough times come, Cyprus will be least affected due to its ability to attract investors that always look out for a strategic location, highly educated talented personnel, low tax rates, and a beautiful and pleasant place to live and work.

To conclude, Cyprus is by far the best and clear choice to invest and there are not really any downsides to it. The 10 reasons mentioned above, is just the first page of a book of what we think makes Cyprus so appealing for investment

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