Top 5 beaches in Paralimni & Protaras Area

fig tree bay beach protaras

Cyprus is considered one of the most beautiful islands in Europe with 160 registered beaches which have gained approval by the beach authority and also with a variety of beaches that have obtained the blue flag certification.

Whether you live abroad and are considering visiting Cyprus for a holiday or you are a local in search for the top beaches to relax on a holiday vacation, this article will help you understand why choosing Protaras area beaches is the best idea although there are numerous of other available options.

So then, what is it about Protaras that makes it the hottest holiday destination across Cyprus and possibly Europe? We have gathered below the top 5 beaches that give Protaras area its righteous glory and ranks first among the elite beaches of Cyprus.

1. Fig Tree Bay (Blue Flag)

fig tree bay beach protaras
Aerial Photo of Fig Tree Bay Beach in Protaras

The legendary historic fig tree which has been on this beautiful beach since the 17th century gives some extra attractiveness to the already unbelievable beauty of this unique beach with the turquoise waters.

This “jewel in the crown” beach has all the necessary amenities, sunbeds, umbrellas, toilets, restaurants, hotels, kiosk on a foots distance and also you can enjoy the watersports.

Being the most visited beach within Cypriot people is fairly ranking among the top beaches in Protaras but also Cyprus.

2. Konnos Bay Beach (Blue Flag)

konnos bay beach protaras

At the edge of Cape Greco, a beach surrounded by rocks and trees, with very impressive crystal-clear water and golden sand. A must visit if you are interested in capturing some breathtaking photos of the scenery.

The high and spectacular view of the kiosk right on the edge of the cliff serves also as a restaurant.

Also, watersports, canoe-like sunbeds and umbrellas available to ease your stay under the hot sun.

3. Sirena Bay

If you are not amongst other people who are looking for crowded places but instead, you are seeking for an isolated, quiet and romantic beach, Sirena Bay in Ayia Triada area in Protaras will exceed your expectations.

Famous for the unique and beautiful scenery, surrounded by thick plantation, you can either chill on the beach under the umbrellas or rest at the bar where you can still enjoy the eye-catching spectacular view.

Do not forget to charge your camera!

4. Mmad Beach (Blue Flag)

Mmad or Kapparis beach is a rather small but very popular destination. Located near Kapparis area it is characterized by the white limestone rocks surrounding the beach.

This is a place to enjoy the beach and the sand without the fuss of the more “mainstream” crowded beaches.

Provides basic facilities such as toilets, umbrellas and sunbeds.

A plus to this beach is that is that is next to a hidden secret spot where you can swim, relax to the beautiful scenery and take photos.

5. Ayia Triada Beach (Blue Flag)

A beach with golden sands which sits next to the quaint chapel of Ayia Triada (Holy trinity) is one of the most scenic places to visit.

The beach offers all kind of necessary facilities such as toilets, changing rooms, sunbeds, umbrellas and watersports while you can find a variety of restaurants and cafes in the surrounding area.

Do not be surprised if you find see turtles swimming next to you!

The chapel really is a majestic addition to this already beautiful beach.

No wonder It is included among the top 5 beaches in Protaras.

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