Top 8 good reasons to buy property in Larnaca.

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Larnaca is a city on the south east coast of Cyprus. It is the third-largest city in the country behind only Nicosia and Limassol. The city’s location has been of strategic importance through the centuries and an extremely important core of Cyprus economy due to its maritime and commercial life of Cyprus.

During the 18th and 19th centuries, Larnaca was the main sea entrance to Cyprus and all consulates, trade commerce and foreign missions were located there. You can still identify some of its past glory at the sight of old big houses and historic buildings.

Today it continues to influence Europe and the Middle East with its competitive edge in business, industry and tourism. With a multicultural society which includes also many Brits its no surprise that English language is widely used in Larnaca between different nationalities.

Cyprus is a country of great investment opportunities but Larnaca arguably offers the greatest opportunity at the present and here are 8 top reasons why you should choose to buy property in Larnaca


The city is located literally next to the sea. The sandy beaches and the beautiful scenery will add to your well-being and will give you a better quality of life.

On top of everything else that Cyprus has to offer, the weather is the Cherry on top of the Cake. When the weather is good is very good. Hot days and cool nights in the summer and mild winters make Cyprus the perfect destination to head all year round.

Rental opportunities

Larnaca is becoming a hotspot for both tourists and Cypriots which choose Larnaca for both its near location from Larnaca and Nicosia. Also, it has nothing to be jealous of any other big City. In fact, in contrast to Larnaca, Nicosia has no beaches, no night life in the summer and lucks in many ways as a tourist destination compared to Larnaca.

Business hub

Cyprus and more so Larnaca, have been a foreign investment magnet for the past decades. Fair to say that Cyprus tax incentives, combined with a number of comparative advantages, make it one of the most attractive destinations for foreign businesses.

Growing property market

Nicosia and Limassol are already considered to have reached a boom in the property prices which are now unreachable for anyone seeking for an investment opportunity. Guess what? Larnaca is next. This is not an exaggeration but rather a natural course of events since it is the 3rd largest city and people are already showing a growing interest to buy, invest and live in Larnaca. 

To elaborate on the matter, the property boom of Nicosia has driven young couples out of the city central and were looking to buy in more suburban areas. People were quick to realize that its better living near the sea in Larnaca area than a suburban are of Nicosia which is just 10-15 minutes away. Fair to mention that the price for land in Larnaca is more affordable with much bigger rental opportunities.

Larnaca Marina

The Larnaca yachting Marina, the largest investment in Cyprus with a total cost of 1.2 billion euros, with luxurious facilities, has just opened its gates and will set Larnaca as a Prime Mediterranean Tourist Destination, expecting significant benefits.

marina larnaca cyprus
Aerial Photo of Marina Larnaca. Credit: larnaca-marina.com.cy

Larnaca Airport

No arguments here. There are only two airports in Cyprus, one in Larnaca and one in Paphos. Larnaca is the only big city with its own airport and also with a seaport both of which play increasingly important roles in the country’s economy. The city center is just a few minutes from the airport where you can find retail stores, restaurants, cafes and bars. Most of the popular sights are within walking distance.

Beautiful scenery

Larnaca has a long history and many historic buildings and tourist sights but the salt pan is a unique sight found nowhere else in the world and when the flamingos visit it creates one of the most beautiful sceneries on earth.

Larnaca is Perfect for Families

Larnaca is safe and offers so many perks for families living or planning relocating to the city. We have to mention that Cyprus ranks amongst the safest places to live. The high-quality shopping experience, restaurants, coffee shops, sports centers, mall, Hospital, Marina, are close to everyone around the city. Also, the educational system offers many options with some top private schools to choose from in the area.

Larnaca beckons investors and developments with affordable land to construct ambitious projects, such as luxury hotels or luxury villas or apartments.

As previously mentioned, properties in Limassol and Nicosia are considered too expensive compared to the affordability that Larnaca offers and this is the main reason why investing in Larnaca is the wisest option to invest.

The recent world events like the Russian- Ukraine war but the covid effect and the political instability have led to many problems to the world economy like market instability, inflation and uncertainty but they have also created many investment opportunities to the ones who dear.

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