Ayia Napa

ayia napa

Ayia Napa belongs to the city of Famagusta and it is the most popular resort to visit in Cyprus, especially for young people who are mainly looking to party and have fun with friends.

Fairly considered a hotspot for young people, Ayia Napa offers a Cypriot Ibiza-like experience while visiting one of the most beautiful islands in the Mediterranean.

The resort is famous for its unique nightlife, which is one of the main reasons people find Ayia Napa so attractive. Although the island has so much more to offer than its nightlife, it is definitely considered to be one of the top destinations to go for clubbing, dancing, drinking and partying.  You can find many bars, very nice cafes (Cyprus probably has one the best coffee cultures in the world), wild boat parties, beach parties, all kind of parties.

Millions of tourists travel every year to Cyprus and preferably to Ayia Napa to experience the party mood that you can only find in just a few places worldwide.

Being such a famous attraction for youngsters, Ayia Napa is very often misunderstood by many people as just a party place. This is simply not the case since Ayia Napa has many other things to do and visit like beautiful beaches, spectacular historical buildings, unbelievable sights, delicious cuisine and also a very interesting culture.

Here are some of the main reasons why Ayia Napa is a must-visit place for people of all ages and interests:

Ayia Napa beaches are considered among the best in Cyprus!

Most of the beaches have received a blue flag certificate, a European award for beaches, based on cleanliness and safety.

Ayia Napa Boasts 14 Blue Flag beaches which are:

Konnos Bay, Kermia, Ammos tou Kambouri, Glyki Nero, Pantachou, Loukkos tou Manti, Katsarka, Pernera, Vathia Gonia (Sandy Bay), Nissi beach, Nissi Bay, Landa, Macronissos and ​Agia Thekla.

Three of the most popular beaches are:

Konnos Bay Beach (Blue Flag): (insert pic)

 At the edge of Cape Greco, a beach surrounded by rocks and trees, with very impressive crystal-clear water and golden sand. If you are interested in capturing some breathtaking photos of the scenery this is place is a must-visit. The high and spectacular view of the kiosk right on the edge of the cliff serves also as a restaurant. Also, water sports, canoe-like signature sunbeds and umbrellas available to ease your stay under the hot sun.

Nissi Bay Beach (Blue Flag): (Insert pic)

Comprised of coast and rocky formation, the beach has golden sands and calm, crystal-clear water that is sheltered against winds. Many amenities in this popular beach include bars, restaurants, water sports, beach-volley court and everything else you may seek from an organized beach.

There is a famous islet located a short distance from the coastline that you can literally visit by walking through the sea via a path of sand that connects the main beach with the small islet. During the Spring season, the islet is accessible without getting wet whereas in the summer months you may have to cross through walking on shallow waters to get there. Unbelievable!

Makronissos Beach (Blue Flag): (Insert pic)

Made of 3 small beaches and also a small peninsular where you can find the ancient Hellenic tombs of Makronissos. The tombs are the one thing that makes this beautiful beach so unique and puts Makronissos on a level of its own. There are even steps carved into the stone for an easy descent into the crypts.


These magnificent, picturesque beaches, are not the only tourist attractions that Ayia Napa has to offer.

Ayia Napa is amongst the hottest wedding destinations!

Ayia Napa is the perfect wedding destination for groups of mixed ages. Ideal for bachelor parties and hen nights in the lead up to your big day, and with a lot of choices for accommodation. from luxury villas to cheaper options that may still offer a more than decent stay for you and your guests, Ayia Napa has it all. The party mood, the sun, nice beaches, beautiful chapels next to the sea, a perfect vacation for your guests but also excellent food and amenities. It truly is a dream wedding destination.

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